Why Addefy

Residential Advertising, Interactive, Tangible Advertising services
for small to global Brands, Services & Manufacturers

Residential DOOH Advertising

Our R DOOH design features advertising, advising without sacrificing transparency or privacy. Digital has actually penetrated into walls and lives and homes, but we stand guard to advocate Brands to have a distinct consciousness to inspire Residents and Consumers, as well as the guests they bring into their buildings.

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Super-fast Display Media

Hard-wired always alive connected media which can deliver content in minutes to the locations.

Unique Initiative & BTL Activations

Addefy Organises Interactive content along with onsite BTL activations for brands to bring live their offerings.

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Society Connect

Each Addefy Screen has 20% dedicated Feed offering News and Notices of the Societies so they are relevant for all the Residents and do not miss out the action in their community.

Live Screenshots & Streaming

Get free screenshot reports from our team when you advertise across our media and also links for live streaming content.

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Onsite Staff

We have onsite maintenance teams available in each cluster from 10 am - 6 pm,
Mon-Fri for top class maintenance for our Display Media.

Profiled & Mapped Societies 

All our Societies are profiled well after a dip stick survey and properly segregated and classified as per SEC, Psychographics, and Geographics (in Clusters) which will help to take intuitive media purchase which is all mapped. 

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200+ Residential Welfare Associations / Societies run Addefy to grow their revenue.
Join us and make your Society a better place with effective communication to residents.