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Our Mission

Create a media where consumers & societies benefit, not just ad spaces.

When we started Addefy in 2010. we wanted to
build more than smart, relevant Advertising Medium.

We wanted to build a community of Consumers. A place a consumer watches as an individual and become part of a greater revolution. A place where we're redefining Advertising measured by relevance, advice, not just pushing a clutter of communication.

Residential Advertising is our Holy Grail.

200+ Residential Welfare Associations / Societies run Addefy to grow their revenue.

Join us and make your Society a better place with effective communication to residents.

Addefy Grand Society Expo

Connect, Learn, Share and Grow

Events are an essential part of the Addefy experience. From regularly scheduled events to festivals with the whole Residential Societies, we know how to work, and we know how to have fun.

Food & Shopping

Enjoy food, workshops, shows
and indulge in shopping.



Workshops for Kids & Adults

One-on-one sessions with Skilled Artists, Philosophers, and Teachers.

Stage Shows

Expand your reach with undreds of events conducted by societies with thier cultural team.