Unique Customers


Targetted Advertising


Multiple Creatives


Maximum Exposure



Last Moment Approvals? No issues with us. With a turn around time of just 3-4 working hours addefy will back your campaign up and makes sure you have all the time for just focussing on your creatives & your product offers.


There are many ways to make your campaign Responsive & Interactive using our Network. Contact our Sales team for more information on how you can device a communication.


At times expressing our Ideas need more than just one creative or outlook. Hence Addefy provides you the option to have as many creatives as you want and can configure by time & location as per your information or TG  demands.


Evaluating your campaign is of great importance to you and to understand the performance of your campaign. We at addefy realise this and provide timely reports and presentations preconfigured in our systems.

Advertising Format

Creative Size:  1720px X 1080px

Resolution   : 72DPI

Formats -

Static Image : JPG (<1mb) 
Animation    : GIF/SWF(<2mb) 
Hybrid          :  Custom HTML Page / SWF

Video            : MP4 Format without Audio  (<4mb) 30secs duration


More than 10,000 households are reached in different parts of Hyderbad such as Gachibowli, Kondapur, Madinaguda, LB Nagar, AS Rao nagar, etc. More than 50 residential Societies are covered.


6:00 to 23:00hrs

300+ Screens

>20Lakh impressions


Reporting & Credibility

  • The Reports are accurate & are server generated with time stamps and Hourly Reporting structure of Spots. 

  • CSV log sheet is generated from the Server which will be presented to the Client along with list of all creatives played (Proof of Play).

  • Live Snapshots can be taken from the system and submitted at any point of time randomly for checking.

  • Trusted Serves Certificate & World Class Software ensure that the screens are delivering accurate performance & reports.