The thin line between L & D


Before the final moments of your life lie few of the most important moments. You take a quick tour of these life moments like a quick walk-through while breathing your last. It happens with us and you guys too. My mother always talked about this with all 50 of our siblings. In our community there are many of them who have faced these near-death experiences and luckily got saved at the last moment; my mother was one of them. She always told me “conserve your energy for those near-death moments”. But sadly, we have these moments every half hour. In fact, I have lost all my siblings in a spur of a moment. All 50 of them, except me. Might sound ridiculous to you, but it’s true…!

Born in the slums of Mumbai I have never travelled towards the uptown. My Mom always warned me “Beta, beware of those places. You are the last one on earth they ever want to see and they will do whatever it takes to nail you down and throw you like you are nothing”. “But mom, there the food is tasty, I heard so”, “Forget about taste, do you want to live or not?” my mom shouted back. “Of course I want to, but, even here we have no scope of living more than a day or two. Remember Mota khan, the one who used to bully me. He hasn’t come back and neither has his dad. And that happened in our next street.” I paused to see my mom’s reaction. “So what I meant to say is, here or there we are bound to die. But let me try that tasty food at least once before I die” saying this I turned and stepped out fast before my mom had a chance to call me back.

Me and my gang of friends finally got into this plush neighbourhood which everyone from my community talks about, luxurious houses, green lawns and above all such great food. As we slip over the wall into a great villa, for the first time in my tiny life I saw something amazing; Healthy people walking around on the lawn, laughing and dancing to the music. “Yummy food it is!” my frail friend started wetting his lips. I looked at him, sure, a feast for him and for me too. It’s been 2 days we had any proper food. Ghost smoke in our neighbourhood scared the shit out of us. Now it’s time to binge on food which gives us life for a few more days.

We slowly sneaked into the lawn and started looking for a spot without any noise. There was a girl sitting on a chair, looking into thin air puffing smoke into it. “Look at her, A great meal!!” I thought to myself while I started approaching her. I stood behind her and with my hands was slowly reaching her neck. Just then the unexpected happened; I fell down losing my conscious.  There was something in the air, like a chemical. My mom’s words of caution started making rounds in my ears. I crashed onto the floor, with fainting eyes I looked around, same situation with my friend. He was already down, not moving at all. “Farewell, dost!!” I waited for few more moments, started back and tried to escape from the place like a lightning. But, two hands hit me from both ends and I fell….

Laughs around, “Ek Machar Saala Aadmi ko…”, “What a dialogue… Nanaji, you are great!!”

“Dude, whenever I kill a mosquito it reminds me of this dialog.”