My Colourful World!


Today will be the end of a beautiful phase of my life. Funny part is I can’t share this with my parents or my sister as they will yell at me. They have the right to say anything; after all they were my caretakers till now. They were my hands and my legs, to help me understand the world. I borrowed their most important sense till this point of my life, to know what the world is like.

They say, if God takes away something he will always leave a gift behind. That gift allowed me to sense people and the world like no normal person could ever perceive. I got to experience the world more closely than anyone else. Normal people are so judging & so much opinionated about others around & the situations they face. My sister’s friend Jay has been a regular visitor to our house for the last 3 months. I have never talked to him except for the first time. But I know that he comes for me, makes sure that he sits somewhere near me, and observes me without uttering a word. I could have told him not to stay any longer or yelled at him, but there is something about him. I sensed that he is not just looking at me, but trying to talk to me and strangely, I had struck a conversation without words.

Silence used to rule whenever we met. But for my dad he was like an unpleasant, uninvited character that had mysterious intentions in his mind. He warned my sister not to get him home anymore. And the last time Jay visited, that was a big mess, my dad strongly warned him not to see us anymore. He didn’t utter a word, but he had many things to say to me. I resisted his trials for a last communication. I couldn’t help being sad after he left.

Few more moments & my journey in that colourful world is about to end. I might not look at people any more like I looked at Jay. Now as normal people do I will react, over-act, get hyperactive and judge. I will just be another fool of this maddening crowd. “Now, slowly open your eyes Madhu!” the doctor said in a plain tone. I struggle hard to open my eyes. After a little fight as I open my eyes – I see the world! My dad, my mom, my sis, nurse and the doctor were there. As I turn around to see the room, everything is black and white. “End of the colours in my life”, I sighed to myself.

“How is the world through my eyes, Madhu?” a familiar voice on my right. “JAY!” My eyes turned moist without looking at him. He came towards me and sat on the bed, in a linen blue shirt and dark blue chinos. He kissed my forehead and said, “Now I will live through your beautiful soul”.

“I always misunderstood Jay”, my dad with his teary eyes talking to my mom, “How rude was I, when I threw him out of the house that day?”. “Jay must be happy wherever he is, as his last wish is fulfilled”, my sister added. I was overhearing all these conversations while looking at Jay. He stepped out of the room and stopped, turned and looked at me with a smile & said, “Let’s see!”

The eyes of me still see black and white, but that has nothing to do with my heart....