Gulab Jaamun Friends


“Janaab! Mr. Sharma has come; Head-of-Security approached Mr. Ameer, who was busy looking at some important papers. He looked at him seriously, “How can he come like that without an appointment?” he raised his voice loud enough to scare the Head.

“Sir, but Mr. Sharma wasn’t listening…”

“Arey Ameer Bhai, do I need to follow protocol to meet you? Did you follow the protocol when you snuck into my house for your favourite Gulab Jaamun? Bugger, never left a piece even for me” Mr. Sharma walked straight into the room relaxedly and sat in front of Mr. Ameer. Grinning, he kept a mocking face at Mr. Ameer trying to control the outburst of his laughter. He turned to Head-of-Security, imitating his voice said “Your PM Saab has always been short tempered from our school days; all he needs is two kicks in his butt, which I am good at giving. Meanwhile, you go get two kadak chai for us.”

The moment he stepped out Mr. Ameer started laughing, “Asshole, why did you have to remind me of Gulab Jaamun, my mouth is watering. Why didn’t you get me a dabba from there?” “Sweet Revenge, this is what it is!” Mr. Sharma winked.

“When is your team coming to our land, it’s been a while that we kicked your butt and had a winning festival. Send na baba” Mr. Sharma started taunting Mr. Ameer. “Whoa! Look who is talking. You can’t even handle our bowling and now this drama-baazi haa? But it’s true; after you became the PM we haven’t celebrated defeating you in our streets” Mr. Ameer bounced back.

Mr. Sharma got onto his feet, started walking, “Tillu, you lost it na? You could never win over me in debates leave alone the matches. Hahahahaha”. 

Mr. Ameer didn’t expect what was coming next, a rubber ball, Mr. Sharma threw shouting “Catch!!!” Mr. Ameer missed and it hit straight on his forehead. Mr. Sharma started laughing loudly non-stop for the next 5 minutes, leaving Mr. Ameer red faced with anger.

“Bugger, you can’t catch that ball and you call yourself greatest player of our times and you call your team, Super-hero team. Ahahahahaha. Pehle, start practicing catches then think about winning matches” Mr. Sharma in his usual loud tone with a childish spark. 

“Ahaa, OK, I will show you then. Pick that bat and guard my fast delivery. If I bowl you out, you have to admit that I and my team are the best.” Mr. Ameer started rubbing the ball near his groin. Mr. Sharma turned serious with the challenge thrown at him, stood up and took the bat at the corner.

Mr. Ameer and Mr. Sharma exchanged fierce looks for a moment, then, Mr. Ameer moved a length to deliver the ball and Mr. Sharma took the stand waiting to smash the ball. Just when Mr. Ameer started pacing “AMEER, Where are you beta, it’s already late for lunch. Get the sheep back home. If you miss any one of those sheep, I will skin you alive”, his mother shouted from a distance. Ameer turned in the direction of the voice and ran towards the sheep which were just about everywhere. “Arey oh Sharma, will come tomorrow. Let’s continue then. The ball is with me, will get it tomorrow. Get me the Gulab Jaamun please.” Ameer disappeared into the bushes. Sharma looked at the sight of Ameer across the border with a disappointment on his face. He pulled his slipping shorts back up and started walking back home…..

A typical day of two wannabe Prime Ministers across the border!