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Residential Advertising

is more about communication and its reach to the right audience. Ever since I had forayed into advertising a decade ago, my very thought started to ponder how to make it a habit for people to look into communication for commercial offers & information without much intrusion and also to just be suggestive. That is when after long sessions of brainstorming, tea and some experience I have understood that a person (he/she) should be off guard and usually unoccupied, to be receptive which comes true only while at their natural habitats i.e. Homes. So Residential Advertising. Ever since, It had been harmless to any of its recipients and has only been of some use, information & monetary support if not much a little.

Defying is a process scale the peak

Scaling the peaks is no easy affair. One needs to constantly move forward & face obstacles, bounce on them and achieve the goal. If defying the usual is your habit and attitude, Moving forward in a obstacle filled race towards a peak turns a happy path if not easy. Its being Happy that affects us overall and trust me, even if you fail and are Happy about your failure, it means You Have Succeeded in Succeeding Success. At times these words that we jot down often make us realise the path we have chosen as entrepreneurs and defyians who have trusted in something and have stood by it time and again to take the glory.

Pradyot Natarajan Amancharla

Managing Director