Being Born and Coming Alive

Rise of Digital Residential Advertising

Birth is a phenomenal process. Experiencing the new growth and products. Giving rise to a new tomorrow, we feel the power as the sun. Everyday, we have to rediscover ourselves to better ourselves and conquer our worst nightmares, make all wrongs to rights, turn every failure to success. This is being alive. Rise from your own ashes. Stronger. Taller. Smarter. 

Launch of Digital Residential Advertising

On our 5th Anniversary, we have launched our Digital Residential Advertising initiative after great work. A final prototype of our Screens has taken birth and launched in one of our existing society. The response from both the society's residents and clients has been overwhelming. This marks the start of a new era of Digital OOH media.


May 2015

1st Screen

6 employees

700 Societies